5 Ways Breaks Can Be Launchpads

With summer approaching, many of us may be looking to take some much-needed time off. Breaks help us recharge and prevent burnout. However, they can also help us get ahead. According to Psychology Today, breaks can prevent ‘decision fatigue’ and restore motivation for long-term goals. Even short breaks throughout the day can give us powerful […]

The Best Way to Lead Gen Z

As most businesses have come to understand how to best work with millennials, many may assume the next generation will be identical. But don’t be so quick to make that assumption. Generation Z (Gen Z) and millennials are actually quite different in what they seek in their careers. To lead well, we must understand what […]

How Those Around You Impact Your Vocation

If you really want to play tennis better, play with someone who is better than you. At least, this is what the experts say. It could also be said of nearly any sport. But do we ever consider how those we surround ourselves with in life impact our careers? Most of us know that those […]

Communicating to Be Understood

Do you ever find yourself approaching the end of a meeting, uncertain if anyone has listened to what you just said? Often we can feel the essential points we set out to discuss with our teams are lost. But how can we be sure what we are communicating is being understood, let alone heard? Communication […]

Leading Through a Crisis: 3 Presidents Who Inspired Hope

Over a year ago, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Within weeks, countries around the world began to shut down their borders and issued stay-at-home orders. To date, over half a million people have lost their lives to the virus in the U.S. As the pandemic continues to pose a threat, the current […]

Questions Every Employee Wants To Be Asked

Questions are the key to unlock information we don’t have and can’t always see. The power of questions can only be released when we begin to ask them. While these questions are typically reserved for the interview room, using them more frequently within our teams will reveal our employees’ potential and foster advantageous work relationships. […]

When it’s Time to be Quiet

Teaching your children to ride a bike is no easy task. It can be mentally challenging and, frankly, emotionally draining. You must deliver clear instructions, be patient as they wobble along and prepare for them to fall at any moment. It is, as some say, an existential crisis of parental proportions. The most difficult part […]

4 Essential Lessons Rowing Can Teach Us About Team-Building

Rowing teams offer a unique depiction of team building. They demonstrate what a team can look like when all members are working as one. For starters, rowing is one of the most physically demanding sports. Some even refer to rowing as “the sport of masochists.” Unlike many sports, rowing uses nearly every muscle in the […]

7 Questions to Help Discover Your Vision

We all know that a vision is essential for any company or organization. It’s also vitally important for keeping everyone on the same page. When we set out to create a vision, we often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to determine what it will be. A vision statement should be simple yet have […]